Many parents of college students are concerned that while they're spending big money on tuition, they're unsure if their son or daughter is actually attending classes.

A new app aims to solve that problem.

Class120 will track college students - with GPS tied to their cell phone - and ping parents by text or email if the student isn't in class when they are supposed to be.

"Making sure your son or daughter goes to class is the single most important thing a parent can do to support success in college," it explains on the Class120 website. "Research shows that college students earn higher GPAs and are better prepared for the real world if they just go to class. Get Class120 now to make sure your student gets the most out of college."

The "Fox and Friends Weekend" hosts discussed the new app, asking is this an effective way to improve class attendance or does monitoring college-aged students take it too far?

"You know what a more effective way to measure would be? To get your kids' grades," Tucker Carlson suggested on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning.

He pointed out that most parents cannot get their own children's grades, despite the fact that they are paying for college, because the students are adults. Schools won't release grades to parents without students' permission.

Clayton Morris added that there are apps that are free or cheaper than this one - the basic Class120 package is either $17.99 a month or $199 a year - that could provide a similar service.

Ainsley Earhardt asserted that as long as parents are footing the tuition bill, they have a right to know if their child is attending classes.

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