This morning on "Fox and Friends," Harris Faulkner kicked off the Ailes Apprentice Program's annual Black History Month series with an in-depth interview of Bishop T. D. Jakes.

She offered us an exclusive preview into what it was like to meet the "rock star preacher," who is the leader and bishop of Texas mega church, The Potter's House. 

Jakes explained to Harris how he ministers to his congregation of over 30,000 members each week.  

"I think I practiced so long with seven and eight people, that I'm so in tune to the individual that the masses of people are not my focus," he said. "I really don't feel like I'm preaching to 8,000 people in a live audience or 20,000 people streaming online. I really feel like I'm talking to you."

Jakes shared that he feels destined to help others spiritually and that it's his life purpose. 

"I think my destiny is to help you find yours and I think that's a very important element of my center," he remarked. 

"That's the greatness of my story is the ordinariness of who I am. I have not tried to lift myself up as an icon of accomplishment, but rather a fellow struggler in the tempestuous waves of life."

Watch the full interview above to hear the preacher talk about how he got his start and how he handled an unexpected family challenge.  

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