The reporter who broke the story of veterans’ anger over Brian William’s untrue story was on “The Kelly File” tonight.

Stars and Stripes Capitol Hill reporter Travis Tritten sounded off on the incident in Iraq in 2003. Williams had claimed that the helicopter he was in was forced down by RPG fire. This week, he recounted his statements, saying he “misremembered” the event.

Megyn Kelly asked Tritten when the misleading statements approximately began, according to veterans.

“What they told me was from the very beginning, they felt that this story was misreported and misrepresented and really they’ve been frustrated and angry about it since then,” Tritten said.

Tritten claimed that Williams’ chopper wasn’t even part of the mission that was under fire. He said that one company of three choppers traveling north came under fire. However, the second company, traveling south, did not.

Chris Simeone, the pilot of the helicopter carrying Williams, wrote in the New York Post today that the flight was “uneventful, with the exception of a desert dust storm that caused deteriorating conditions not suitable for flight.”

Tritten said that claims the chopper took AK-47 fire are also not supported by the facts.

Tritten called Williams’ story “an evolving, flawed recount of what happened.”

Watch the interview above.