UPDATE 2:04p ET: Shepard Smith reported (video above) that Kayla Mueller has been identified as the American hostage that ISIS claims was killed during a Jordanian airstrike. 

"Kayla Mueller, 26, was an aid worker in Turkey, who was in Syria because she saw the plight of children in Syria and wanted to go there to help," Smith said. "She's been dedicating her life to others since she was 15 years old."

Here's a statement from the Jordanian government: 

The first reaction we think that it's illogical and we are highly skeptical of the ISIS claim. How could they identify Jordanian war planes at such a huge distance in the sky? What was the American lady doing in the weapon warehouse? It's part of their criminal propaganda. They have lied that our pilot is alive, and tried to negotiate claiming that he was alive while they killed him weeks before.

Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge said this hour that U.S. intelligence officials are investigating the credibility of the claim.

ISIS claimed that Mueller was killed in an airstrike on a weapons depot, releasing a photo of a bombed-out building. 

In a 2011 YouTube video, Mueller spoke about her devotion to the Syrian people during the country's civil war. 

The Prescott, Arizona, native was profiled by her local newspaper in May 2013. 

The Daily Courier reported:

Mueller spoke Wednesday about her experiences to the Prescott Kiwanis Club, where her father Carl Mueller is a member.

"This is the reality for Syrians two and a half years on. When Syrians hear I'm an American, they ask, 'Where is the world?' All I can do is cry with them, because I don't know."

Mueller said after learning more about the situation in Syria, she was drawn to help and finds now she "can't do enough."

Mueller said she's heard of children being hurt by unexploded bombs, women being forced into early marriages, and children being forced to fight for both sides.

The CIA says it is investigating a new claim by ISIS that a 26-year-old American hostage was killed in a Jordanian airstrike. 

Reports surfaced in August that the female aid worker was being held by ISIS. She was kidnapped in October 2013 while doing relief work in Syria.

Shepard Smith, reporting this week from Amman, brought us the latest on "Outnumbered."

Catherine Herridge's sources within the Defense Department expressed a high degree of skepticism about this ISIS claim, Smith reported.

He noted that ISIS released a proof of life video around Christmas time, but there has been nothing heard about the female hostage since then.

Smith said this woman was the only American hostage known to still be held by ISIS.

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton was asked by the hosts for his reaction to the latest claim by ISIS.

He theorized that ISIS is using the Jordanian strikes as an "excuse" for the aid worker's death. 

Bolton said that the previous videotaped executions by ISIS are part of a campaign to intimidate the Iraqi army and other Arab nations.

He was asked what the response will be from the president if this aid worker's death is confirmed. 

"I don't think the president will do anything. I think his policy rests on the assumption that the assertion of American power provokes more jihadis and that a withdrawn, insular America leads to a safer world. I think that's like looking through the wrong end of a telescope, but that's what motivates him," said Bolton.