Greg Gutfeld tonight took on President Barack Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast, where Obama compared the Crusades to ISIS violence.

“Talk about a slight, comparing modern day Islam to medieval atrocities. If I knew any better, I’d accuse Mr. Obama of Islamophobia,” Gutfeld quipped.

Obama left out a few key points, according to Gutfeld. The Crusades happened 700-800 years ago, they stopped and now it’s 2015, he said.

“Fact is President Obama spoke the truth: when it comes to religion, Islamism is the slowest runner in a millennium marathon. We’re here, they’re still back there, and some of them want to stay there and take us back with them,” Gutfeld said.

He continued, “When you compare something happening now to a time before indoor plumbing, it reminds you where Obama’s head is – in the sand.”

Gutfeld said that Obama brought up the Crusades to “remove our victim status and make us the aggressor.”

“Instead of leading, he's educating us on our own transgressions, as though his presidency is a college course. I just hope we don't get graded for it. I dozed off after the second year,” Gutfeld said.