Who would Fox News' political experts bet on to win the 2016 Republican nomination? 

Bret Baier asked the "All-Star Panel" last week and here's where the money is going at this early stage. 

(Each player is given $100 in chips to spread out on the imaginary roulette table.)

Charles Krauthammer surprised the panel by placing his biggest bet (40) on Marco Rubio.

"I want to win big with a longer shot," he said. 

He spread the remaining chips on Jeb Bush (30), Scott Walker (25) and Chris Christie (5).

Juan Williams went with the early favorite in Bush, wagering half of his bankroll. 

"[Mitt Romney dropping out] was a big day for Jeb Bush. I think he has a 50-50 shot. He's clearly the frontrunner now."

Williams put down 20 on Rand Paul, 10 on Rubio and Walker and five on Ben Carson and Christie. 

Jonah Goldberg favored Walker with a wager of 45, compared to 25 on Bush. 

"Walker is the one guy in the field who actually is completely acceptable to grassroots, anti-establishment guys and acceptable to a lot of establishment people," said Goldberg, who also wagered 20 on Rubio and 10 on Ted Cruz.

Watch the panel's explanations and thoughts on the overall race above.

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