Is this photo the perfect symbol of our obsession with cell phones?

The photo shows an unidentified man on a boat glued to his cell phone. The man in the photo appears not to notice a humpback whale surface in the water just feet away from him.

Professional photographer Eric Smith took the photo while on a whale watching trip in Redondo Beach, California, KCBS reported. 

“It was just magnificent,” Smith told KCBS. “Through the course of five or six shots, he never moved. And the whale was so close to the boat, I was like, you must put the phone down. I can’t believe you didn’t look at the whale.”

“This is not about one guy on a boat," he added. "The photograph is not about that…it’s a commentary on society today.”

Smith posted the picture on Instagram and it has quickly spread from there. 


A sign of the times.

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