Bill O’Reilly asked tonight: whatever happened to human rights?

O’Reilly said that one of the core liberal principles is that human beings have certain rights, but we’re seeing gross human rights violations all over the world.

A new United Nations report says ISIS is systematically killing, torturing and raping children in Iraq. Amnesty International has also released a report which says that girls aged 10-12 in Iraq are being tortured, raped and forced into marriages with ISIS members.

“So, again, whatever happened to human rights? Why is the world standing by and watching this take place? Here in America, liberals should be pounding on the White House gate, yet they are largely silent,” O’Reilly said.

Today’s New York Times lead editorial was not about ISIS; it was about Abu Ghraib and how some Americans should be held accountable.

“The Times wrote that editorial because they fear the backlash against Islamic terrorism, so they want to make sure everybody remembers that the USA has committed atrocities too,” O’Reilly charged.

O’Reilly said that thousands will die unless President Barack Obama takes the lead in galvanizing the world to fight Islamic terrorism, but he won’t even say the word.

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