Dr. Zuhdi Jasser tonight slammed President Barack Obama’s meeting with a group of Muslim American leaders.

“It’s the infantilization and racialization of our faith community,” he said, claiming that the people involved don’t care about Islamism.

“The filter seems to be groups that are either apologists for Islamism or those that really wanna look at our community as victims and those that are racializing Islam as a race rather than as an ideology that needs reform,” Jasser said of the leaders involved in the meeting.

Jasser said that attendees included a basketball player who had the courage to wear a hijab and comedian Dean Obeidallah, who famously mocked Mitt Romney’s black grandson.

Jasser said that the White House is wasting taxpayers’ money and time with “absurd” meetings.

“We are a patient that has a cancer and the Muslim community right now is being told by the president of the United States that our leaders don’t care about this cancer,” he said.