Trevor McKendrick is raking in a six figure salary for creating a popular Spanish audio Bible application for the iPhone. 

Here's the catch though: he's an atheist.

"I am selling this thing I truly believe is fiction, but other people are trying to use [it] and mold their lives to fix large and small problems," McKendrick stated during a podcast. "We don't believe in Christianity. We don't believe in the Bible. I would describe myself as an atheist."

Brian Kilmeade said on "Fox and Friends" that he doesn't have a problem with what McKendrick is doing. 

"I have no problem with this, because he is helping Spanish people who want Spanish language Bibles with a better app," Kilmeade shared. "So they are getting what they want. He saw a softness in the market and capitalized on it. He's not hurting anybody, so I have no problem with this."

The hosts took to Facebook to ask its viewers whether this is an example of hypocrisy or a good example of capitalism. 

Watch their reaction above and let us know your thoughts on the story!