Fox Business Network's Liz Claman sat down this afternoon for an exclusive live interview with Warren Buffett, as he marks 50 years since he started Berkshire Hathaway. 

Here's a summary of what we learned from the "Oracle of Omaha": 

Will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates this year? 

"It will be very tough to raise rates with what's going on around the world. ... I don't think it'll be very feasible to do it. I think you'll have a lot of international repercussions."

Has Janet Yellen created a bond bubble? 

"The last asset I would want to buy is a 30-year government bond, but that's a byproduct of other policies that make sense."

Have you made any currency bets?

"We have so many different operations, I can't tell whether the dollar going up is good or bad for us."

Have we seen the bottom in oil prices? 

"I have no predictions on commodities."

Will the Keystone pipeline go through and become operational? 

"I think it should."

Will Vladimir Putin become more dangerous due to more sanctions? 

"He's got a lot tougher economic problems than he had a couple of years ago. Apparently, he's very popular. His economic hand has obviously been hurt."

Are you looking for any bargains in Russia?

"No. We do some business in Russia. We bought some foreign securities and we'd like to buy more businesses around the world. We're probably going to buy a small business in [western] Europe, but I'd love to buy big ones."

Why do you still own a big chunk of Moody's?

"It's a fantastic business. So is S&P incidentally [even though] it's paying a big fine. It takes no capital, it has pricing flexibility. If I sell a bond issue, I need a Moody's rating and I need an S&P rating and I can't negotiate with either of them."

Are you worried about Coca-Cola losing its way?

"I do not worry about Coca-Cola over time. ... We've gone since 1988 and never sold a share."

Have you beaten prostate cancer? 

"Yes. It really wasn't a big problem. The radiation is painless."

What about the succession plan?

"The directors know the plan. We talk about it all the time."

Shareholders often mention Greg Abel, could he be the choice?

"He would be terrific."

Do you still think Hillary Clinton will win the White House in 2016?

"If Hillary runs, she'll win. [Jeb Bush] is a fine guy, but I'm for Hillary."

Watch clips of the interview above and below.