Dramatic video shows a lucky Labrador retriever being saved from icy waters in Frankfort, Michigan, by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Grand Rapids Press reported that Coast Guard officers saw the dog jump into the water just outside the Frankfort Coast Guard station Tuesday, in the waterway between Lake Michigan and Betsie Lake.

They immediately leapt into action. Boatswain mate Tim Putnam and others put on ice rescue suits and went in after the dog.

Putnam swam 200 feet out to the scared animal, which took nearly 20 minutes in the half-frozen, icy waters.

Once he secured the pooch, team members pulled them back to shore with a rope.

The daring rescue, which only took an estimated 24 minutes, was captured on video by a worker at the nearby Oliver Art Center (watch below).

The dog, which was given a clean bill of health after the scary ordeal, had no collar or microchip and was taken to a shelter.

Luckily, several hours later, her owner came forward for an emotional reunion.


Watch the raw video of the dramatic rescue below.