A dash cam captured the terrifying moments before a TransAsia passenger plane went down in a harbor in Taiwan with 58 people aboard.

On the video, you can see the ATR-72 turboprop aircraft turned completely sideways as it just misses the highway below.

A taxi was struck by the tail of the plane, injuring the driver.

Just before the crash, the pilot had reportedly made a "mayday" call to air traffic controllers to report an engine flameout.

At least 23 people were killed, with 20 unaccounted for and 15 injured.

In July, a TransAsia crash killed 48 people in Taiwan during bad weather.

Watch the incredible dash cam footage below:

More on the crash from FoxNews.com:

Civil aviation officials said the flight took off at 11:35 a.m. local time (10:35 p.m. ET Tuesday) from Taipei's downtown Sungshan Airport en route to the outlying Taiwanese-controlled Kinmen islands. The pilot issued a mayday call shortly after takeoff, and contact was lost four minutes later.

Chen said that weather conditions were suitable for flying and the cause of the accident was unknown.

"Actually this aircraft in the accident was the newest model. It hadn't been used for even a year," he told a news conference.

Lin Chih-ming of the Taiwan Civil Aeronautics Administration said the pilot had 4,900 hours of flying experience.

Greg Waldron, Asia managing editor at Flightglobal magazine in Singapore, told The Associated Press that the ATR 72-600 is the latest iteration of one of the most popular turboprop planes in the world, particularly favored for regional short-hop flights in Asia.

While it's too early to say what caused the crash, engine trouble or weight shifting were unlikely to be causes, Waldron said. Other possible factors include pilot error, weather or freak incidents such as bird strikes.

"It's too early now to speculate on whether it was an issue with the aircraft or crew," Waldron said.