The United States is boosting aid to Jordan to $1 billion to help fight ISIS and care for refugees in the wake of the horrific video released yesterday, which showed ISIS burning a Jordanian pilot alive.

Smith, who reported today from Amman, Jordan, asked Judge Andrew Napolitano to explain what actions President Obama can take in assisting Jordan. 

Napolitano stated that Obama has a "great deal of discretion" in terms of money and intelligence that he can offer to Jordan. 

"First, on the money, he has a discretionary fund, which he can spend as he sees fit for emergency circumstances, for friends of the United States," Napolitano explained. "He doesn't even have to account for how he spends it. It's basically secret."

"In terms of intelligence, he can dispatch, without the consent of Congress," he added. "All he has to do is inform the two intelligence committees in Congress, literally thousands of intelligence agents. And of course intelligence agents today Shep, don't just gather intelligence information, they actually wage secret wars. They can use military material without the consent or knowledge of Congress, if he wants to do that. If the king of Jordan has asked for it, and if the president decides he wants to help him out." 

Napolitano also said that the president can divert all 15 American intelligence agencies on his own to assist Jordan to find out what's going on.

"He has the legal authority to make those decisions without needing congressional consent," he explained. "The reaction today in the United States to the horror of yesterday...seems to have united people that something has to be done, and the time to do it is now."

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