Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) sounded off this evening to Greta Van Susteren on the national vaccine debate.

Paul this week drew criticism for comments he made about vaccination. He said parents "should have some input" in the decision to vaccinate their children and that he has heard stories of kids ending up with “mental disorders” after vaccines.

Then, the Kentucky senator tweeted out a photo of himself getting a booster shot yesterday.

This evening, he told Van Susteren that he “got annoyed” that people were trying to depict him as someone who doesn’t believe in vaccines. He said he posted the photo because he wanted people to know he was getting his booster shots in.

“I think everyone should be encouraged to get vaccines,” he said on tonight’s “On The Record,” adding that his position is likely not different than the president’s or anyone else’s.

“We have rules to encourage people to have vaccines in the country, but I don’t think anybody’s recommending that we hold them down,” he said.

Paul explained that vaccinations are largely policed through schools, which make vaccination “somewhat of a mandate.”

Paul also sounded off on attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch, saying, “I can’t vote for her,” and he weighed in on tax breaks for illegal immigrants.

Watch the full interview above.