Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) sounded off today on "America's Newsroom" about defense secretary nominee Ashton Carter's strategy to defeat ISIS.  

During his confirmation hearing, Carter said, "A strategy connects ends and means, and our ends in respect to ISIL needs to be it's lasting defeat."

"I say lasting because it's important that when they get defeated, they stay defeated," Carter added. "That's why it's important that we have those on the ground there who will ensure that they stay defeated once defeated."

Peters told Martha MacCallum that Carter's answer to the questions "reflected President Obama's strategy very well."

"He was unfocused, rambling, confused and ineffectual," Peters said. "Actually, I think there's hope for Ashton Carter, but it's really systematic of the fact that they can't say 'Islamic terrorism.' They can't say 'kill.' They can't say the word kill."

"We face enemies who burned that young pilot alive, who behead people, who massacre people by the hundreds, who behead children for watching a soccer match. And we can't even utter that terrible four letter word, K-I-L-L," Peters said.

"Unless you are willing to exterminate - to kill and exterminate - the hardcore extremists, you lose." 

Peters added that the reason that members of the Obama administration and Carter can't describe the strategy to defeat ISIS is because "the president doesn't have a strategy."

"He just wants to get through 2016," Peters stated. "It's a very serious business, and it's just not a serious administration."

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