“The Kelly File” has obtained footage of ISIS supporters in Syria cheering at a screening of the execution of a Jordanian pilot.

The photo above shows a little boy who was among the jubilant crowd. He told a photographer that he would have burned the pilot with his own hands, if given the chance.

Former Islamic extremist Maajid Nawaz was on “The Kelly File,” where he said we must focus on prevention rather than de-radicalization of extremists.

He said this will require Muslim world leaders and political leaders – like President Barack Obama – to name the threat.

Nawaz said he fears a “Harry Potter” scenario.

“If you can’t name Voldemort, everyone fears him even more. When we don’t name the Islamist ideology, what happens as a result is that people who naturally don’t know about my own religion, Islam, will think it’s the religion that’s at fault itself,” he said.

Nawaz pleaded with the president to name this extremist ideology.

“But that would require some leadership and unfortunately I don’t see too much of that at the moment,” he said.

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