Bill O’Reilly sounded off tonight on Jordan’s execution of two prisoners in response to the ISIS murder of a Jordanian pilot.

“I would not have done that because the executions smack of revenge, not retribution,” he said, explaining that he feels it’s better to operate within the law than be swayed by a mob reaction.

According to O’Reilly, “There is no strategy in place to stop the ISIS madness.”

“The American people deserve to know the truth about President Obama’s campaign to defeat the jihad. And the truth is there is no campaign,” he said. O’Reilly explained that the U.S. hits select targets with drones and bombers, which has been somewhat effective in stopping the advance of ISIS in Iraq. Still, he said that only ground forces will get ISIS out of its entrenched positions.

“We’re talking under 40,000 of these savages, and you’re telling me the world can’t wipe them out?” O’Reilly asked, calling it “total bull.”

O’Reilly charged the world with lacking the will to defeat evil.

“We have reached a crisis level,” he said.