Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) said this morning (video above) that President Obama will "miss an opportunity" if he does not unite Arab countries behind a more robust strategy to crush ISIS in Syria. 

Kinzinger said the "pin prick" airstrikes are not enough and called on the president to prepare the American people for a larger confrontation with ISIS. 

"I hope he sees this as an opportunity and a realization that this isn't going to go away. My concern is that the president said, 'I'm going to manage this problem for the next two years and let the next president come in and deal with it.' Unfortunately, it's something that's gonna have to be dealt with in a big way and the president needs to prepare the American people for this inevitability," he said. 

Bill Hemmer asked what the response would be if an American was in that cage and burned alive by ISIS. 

Kinzinger emphasized that we don't know how many hostages ISIS has in its possession or how many they will capture in the future.

He expressed hope that this "satanic" execution will be the tipping point to get Muslim nations into the fight against ISIS.

Kinzinger said ISIS cannot defeat a "fierce alliance" comprised of American air power and a large ground force put together by Arab allies.

Earlier on "America's Newsroom," Fox News Middle East & terrorism analyst Walid Phares said there's a consensus opinion that airstrikes alone will not defeat ISIS in Syria.

Phares said ground forces could come from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and UAE, but American leadership is needed to put the coalition together.

Watch his remarks below.