On "America's Newsroom" today, ice climber Will Gadd shared his incredible story of becoming the first person to ever climb a frozen section of Niagara Falls.

Gadd completed the adventure Tuesday by ice-picking his way along the edge of Horseshoe Falls, which is a 150-foot climb along the U.S.-Canada border.

Gadd told Bill Hemmer that the climb was extremely difficult and that ice was constantly falling off. 

"It was difficult, for starters, because it's the largest waterfall in the world," Gadd said. "Everything [was] ripping off the edge and it's a lot of water. If things go wrong with that water, you'd end up with the entire Niagara Falls on your head, which would probably suck." 

He added that the waterfall is always changing and is unpredictable, which made things even tougher while he was climbing. 

"The ice freezes, it's basically spray-frozen onto that wall," Gadd explained. "That's what I'm climbing. It changes all the time, big pieces break off and it's just a rowdy place. I've been basically training and climbing ice for 30 years basically to get ready for this."

Watch the video above to hear Gadd's plans for his next adventure.