Newly released surveillance video captures an intense shootout at a Phoenix, Arizona, jewelry store.

The video of the January 14, 2014 incident shows the suspect, Terria Genest, 28, walk into Diamond Star jewelry store and pretend to be a customer.

She leaves, but later returns in different clothing, pulling a gun and demanding cash.

When the owner of the store, Mikhail Ibragimov, refuses, she shoots him in the leg.

Ibragimov tosses some money over the counter onto the floor. As Genest scrambles to pick up the cash, Ibragimov pulls his own gun and returns fire, hitting her in the back.

The wounded Genest fires more shots at Ibragimov before stumbling out of the store.

Genest sustained several gunshot wounds and was found by police collapsed on a sidewalk several blocks away.

Both Ibragimov and Genest were seriously injured in the shootout, but survived.

Genest pled guilty Monday to multiple charges, but, incredibly, Ibragimov holds no grudge.

"If she [wanted] to kill, she had the chance to kill me," Ibragimov said. "I forgave her the same day ... because everybody makes mistakes in this life. Nobody's [an] angel here."

Watch the clip above.