Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin was on “The O’Reilly Factor” to respond to criticism over the group’s protest of Henry Kissinger.

Benjamin said that nobody in the group physically assaulted anyone, and that the group is comprised of “peace activists” who were using their First Amendment right to free speech.

“I know you don’t like Kissinger and the crew, but he’s 91 with a bad shoulder so I wouldn’t have done it if I were you,” O’Reilly responded.

“The Factor” host also asked Benjamin how Code Pink would stop ISIS.

Benjamin charged the U.S. invasion of Iraq with “[opening] the way to the creation of ISIS” and said that U.S. military intervention only creates more extremism. She said the U.S. should get its allies together to see how they can stop ISIS recruits, money and weapons.

“That’s a good theoretical […] meantime, guys are getting their heads cut off,” O’Reilly said.

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