Lt. Col. Allen West and Lt. Col Ralph Peters were on “Hannity” tonight to sound off on a new video which shows ISIS militants burning a Jordanian pilot alive.

The Associated Press reports that Jordan has just executed two prisoners in response.

West noted that the Jordanians were being lied to by ISIS. He explained that the pilot was killed in January, which means a discussed hostage exchange was not in good faith.

“The only way you can deal with savage barbaric animals is to be tough and ruthless,” he said.

Peters sounded off on the terrorists who are seen in the video, saying, “Those terrorists are the people the president and Democrats don’t even want to waterboard.”

“America needs to get serious," he said.

Peters called for a limited number of boots on the ground for a limited time.

“My God, ISIS is taking over the Middle East, and our president […] can’t even say Islamist terror.”