President Obama's 2016 federal budget proposal - which he says is aimed at boosting the middle class - calls for nearly $4 trillion in spending and $3.5 trillion in revenue, resulting in a $474 billion deficit.

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in on "Fox and Friends" on the president's proposal and if there are parts of the plan that are illegal.

Judge Nap said that Obama has added $7 trillion to the country's debt during his presidency. Now he wants to add even more with this proposal, which includes a call for higher taxes on both companies and the wealthy to boost the middle class.

"Here's the defect in his thinking," Judge Nap explained. "Rich people don't keep their money in a shoebox under the bed. They invest it, and those investments produce wealth and jobs for other people."

"When they have less to invest, then there is less wealth created, and thus, fewer jobs created, because the government has taken more money from them to redistribute it."

Judge Nap said it's future generations that will pay for this.

"Your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren are going to be paying the debts that Barack Obama built up."

Judge Nap stated that if Obama spends the money and Congress - controlled by Republicans - does not allow him to borrow, it would be illegal for him to go ahead and borrow anyway."

"Has he threatened to do so? Of course he has. That's where we stand this morning. And the pressure's on the Republicans, because they control the Congress."

Watch more insight from Judge Nap above.