The mainstream media is portraying Rand Paul and Chris Christie as members of the "flat-earth society" for arguing that parents should have more choice when it comes to vaccinating children, Laura Ingraham said this morning. 

Ingraham was asked by the "Fox and Friends" hosts about criticism of the two potential 2016 presidential candidates, including a contentious CNBC interview with Paul. 

She pointed out that both men are simply expressing concerns that parents have about vaccinations and saying that parents "have rights."

Ingraham faulted the mainstream media for jumping to paint them as "stupid" and undeserving of serious consideration for the White House.

She noted that each time a presidential election cycle starts, the media tries to sway opinion on who the Republican nominee should be.

Ingraham then called out the media overall for failing to report on other health issues, like concerns about those who cross the border illegally and may be carrying a disease.

"Most people in the media don't really care about that story, because it conflicts with their other world view of open borders. [Christie and Paul] tried to make a nuanced point in a media culture that devours anyone who's not a member of the vaunted establishment," she said.

Watch Ingraham's reaction above.