A House Democrat labeled Texas a "crazy state" during an argument with a GOP colleague over ObamaCare. 

The exchange came Monday during a Rules Committee meeting on a bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) was referring to Texas and other states refusing to set up health care exchanges. 

"I don't know about in your state, which I think is a crazy state to begin with," said Hastings to Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas), who immediately called on the longtime House member to apologize.

"The gentleman made a very defamatory statement about my state, and I will not stand here and listen to it. As a member of Congress, I'm used to attacks and invective being tossed my way. That's part of the territory. But there is no reason at all to impugn the people, the governor of a state of this country," he said. 

Hastings refused to back off his comments though, declaring that he would not live in Texas "for all the tea in China."

"You will wait until hell freezes over for me to say anything in an apology," said Hastings. 

Watch the back-and-forth above. 

Bill Hemmer got some reaction this morning from National Review editor Rich Lowry, who pointed out that Texas is the left's least favorite state because of its model of "capitalism, self-reliance and liberty."

"Even though the Congressman isn't going to move there, a lot of people are because that's where the jobs are," he noted.

Even though the repeal legislation would be vetoed by President Obama, Lowry said new Republican lawmakers want the opportunity to vote because many of them campaigned on repealing the law.

Lowry said Senate Democrats will also do everything they can to prevent the bill from getting to a vote.

He said it's also very important for Republicans to explain how they would "replace" ObamaCare, since Obama is touting the millions of Americans who are now insured because of the law's implementation.