Greg Gutfeld this evening sounded off on people who have spoken out against vaccinations, like Jenny McCarthy, “assorted quacks and pandering politicians.”

He said that the “weirdness” is growing among the educated coasts.

“The people who inject Botox into their face reject vaccines,” he quipped.

According to Gutfeld, the vaccine question is now a trap to derail presidential candidates.

“Come out against the greatest medical intervention known to man, and you take the spotlight off Obama’s contagious misery and put it on you,” he said. “See, as a rightie, the leftist media is waiting to take its shot. So inoculate yourself against them. Realize that bashing vaccines while measles is spreading is not presidential.”

Gutfeld said this is why Rand Paul looks bad and Ben Carson looks good.

“Yes, it's a free country, but making vaccines a question of individual liberty only works when everyone's healthy. But when everyone's sick, you're gonna wish you got pricked,” Gutfeld said.

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