President Barack Obama wants to boost funding for the IRS by 18 percent.

Obama’s proposal calls for $13 billion for the IRS, $2 billion more than last year.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) blasted this as “ridiculous” on this evening’s “On the Record.”

Scott said that the IRS is already a mess, and it is using the power of intimidation.

“They’re coming in and saying, ‘We’re gonna delay your tax returns because we can’t get our act together.’ And our president’s response is ‘let’s give the mess more money,’” Scott said.

Greta Van Susteren told Scott that federal employees owe $3.3 billion in back taxes, so the government could come up with that $2 billion by docking employees who owe money.

“The bottom line is the president thinks that the answer to all problems is just a little more money,” Scott told her.

Watch the interview above.