Many called the Charlie Hebdo attack a wake-up call, but have we truly woken up?

Greg Gutfeld posed that question this evening, comparing the world before and after the Paris attack.

Before the attack, Gutfeld remarked that the media refrained from showing Mohammed and accused people of Islamophobia for confronting Islamic terror. Gutfeld said that President Barack Obama “refused to link ideology to terror, more concerned with backlash than bombing.”

Now, Gutfeld said, “We still have a press fearful of showing Mohammed. We still have pressure groups smearing people with accusations of Islamophobia. We still have a president who won’t identify the nature of contemporary terror. And so, terror flourishes where the will retreats.”

Gutfeld said that the world needs someone to lead the terror fight. He asked: If Obama won’t, who will?

“Why did Boko Haram kill 8,000 people last year, up 100-fold from 2010? Because they can,” Gutfeld said.