A North Carolina woman is facing multiple criminal charges after a fellow motorist captured a terrifying road rage incident on cell phone video.

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The driver who filmed that video, Sherri Hastings, appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning to explain the scary situation.

Hastings said that she was driving on a two-lane road in Randleman, North Carolina, last Saturday with her six-year-old granddaughter when an SUV began tailgating her. She tapped her brakes to let the driver know to give her some space.

The SUV then recklessly tried to pass her, nearly colliding head-on with a vehicle in the other lane. Hastings let the SUV pass on a second attempt and was nearly run off the road.

Hastings dialed 911 to report the aggressive driver and began filming, using a cell phone mounted on the dashboard.

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The disturbing video shows the SUV stop and start multiple times in the middle of the road, briefly run off the road and even cross the double yellow line.

When the SUV stops for the fourth time, the irate driver gets out and runs toward Hastings’ vehicle, screaming and cursing.

The woman reaches through the open driver's side window before Hastings rolls it up. The woman pounds on the window and the top of the vehicle, as Hastings' terrified granddaughter begins crying.

The woman returns to her SUV, giving Hastings several vulgar gestures before getting back into the vehicle.

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"I never expected the extreme that it went to," Hastings said, adding that a police report was filed that day and she later turned the video over to the sheriff's office.

When it appeared that nothing would come of the incident, Hastings sent the video to her local Fox affiliate. Not only did the video quickly go viral, it resulted in criminal charges.

Kristin Leigh Phillips, 40, has been charged with reckless driving to endanger, assault and battery, injury to personal property, driving left of center and two counts of communicating threats.

Watch the clip above and see the full video of the scary incident below.

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