Howard Kurtz spoke with Brian Kilmeade and Joe Concha on "Media Buzz" about the Super Bowl and what effect the New England Patriots' status as "Super Bowl villains" might have.

Kilmeade, appearing from Phoenix, Arizona, the site of Super Bowl XLIX, said that people who are casual viewers of the big game - or not even viewers at all - have been blitzed over the past two weeks with extensive media coverage of Deflate-Gate.

He said that could result in the biggest TV ratings ever, since so many people have been talking about the scandal.

Concha said that a villain always makes for compelling TV, from J. R. Ewing to Tonya Harding.

"I agree with Brian. This will be the most-watched Super Bowl easily. Yes, because you have a defending champ going up against the best team of this century. Yes, because you have the number one offense versus the number one defense. But because you have two villains - and particularly Tom Brady, the guy with the perfect life, with the perfect wife - that you can root against."

Watch the clip above.