On "Cashin' In" today, Eric Bolling said "American Sniper" isn't just breaking records at the box office, it's breaking records for the amount of "moronic comments from the anti-war commies on the left."

Bolling took aim at Michael Moore - who called all snipers "cowards" in a series of tweets - for invoking Jesus in defense of his controversial comments.

"Michael Moore is an 'American snacker,'" Bolling remarked, adding that MSNBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin took the criticism of "American Sniper" and Chris Kyle a step further.

On Thursday, Mohyeldin claimed that Kyle was a "racist" who engaged in "killing sprees" during his four tours of duty in Iraq.

"Wait, Kyle's a racist because he took out the enemy who was trying to kill our guys?" Bolling asked. "Ayman, way to go. Inappropriately invoke the race card, instead of blaming the real bad guys, the radical jihadists who declared war on America on 9/11/2001."

"You, sir, are a different kind of American sniper."

Bolling, however, saved his strongest words for the "biggest fool," Jesse Ventura, who said Kyle isn't a hero, he's a liar.

Last year, Ventura sued Kyle's widow and children over claims Kyle made that he punched out Ventura at a bar. Ventura won $1.8 million from Kyle's estate.

"Jesse, you got your money from them. But apparently that's not enough and you called a hero a liar. Wow, what a tough guy you are, Ventura. The man is dead. He can't defend himself anymore, you old, washed-up wrestler of a fool," Bolling said.

"Look, I don't know if Chris Kyle punched you in the mouth in that bar or not. What I do know is that, on behalf of all the heroes who serve and those of us who actually appreciate their sacrifice, you sure deserve one."