A wedding party's scenic hot air balloon ride was cut short when the pilot had to make an emergency landing ... in the middle of a San Diego street!

Pilot Phil Brandt explained on "Fox and Friends Weekend" that hot air balloons can only go as high as the wind will take them.

Brandt said that about 20 minutes into the planned hour-long flight on Thursday evening, there was a significant change in the wind direction.

"I was no longer going toward my intended landing site," Brandt said. "At some point, I climbed to see if I could find a favorable wind direction. And when I found that I was going to the south and west instead of the north and east, I changed my flight plan."

The new flight plan took Brandt and eight passengers over a developed residential area of San Diego.

Brandt avoided nearby buildings and power lines, steered the balloon basket into treetops to slow it down and landed it in the middle of Sorrento Valley's Lusk Boulevard.

He said the wedding party remained calm throughout the landing and had nothing but positive things to say about the ride.

No injuries were reported.

"We did the best we could for everybody's safety, including people on the ground and the people in the balloon with me. And everybody enjoyed it," Brandt said.

He added that hot air ballooning is extremely safe and has actually been around 120 years longer than the airplane.

"People that are seeing coverage of this landing or any kind of unusual landing by a hot air balloon, have no fear. Ballooning is safe."

Watch the clip above.