Jesse Watters was in Colorado this week to ask passersby about a very fictitious Super Bowl.

People had a lot to say about this game, which would pit the Jets against the Dolphins, featuring football players Alan Colmes, John Stossel and Elizabeth Warren.

Who’s going to win: the Jets or the Dolphins?

“I’m rooting for the Dolphins. I live in Miami.”’

“How many home runs do you think the Dolphins are going to have to make to win the game?”


“The kicker for the Jets has six toes. His name’s Alan Colmes.”

“Is he kicking barefoot?”

“Jets running back John Stossel tested positive for marijuana. Do you think the league should let him play?”

“I think that now that it’s becoming legal in a lot of states, it’s not as big of a deal.”

Watters also asked women about the first female placekicker, Elizabeth Warren, who is part-Cherokee.


So what did Bill O’Reilly think of this week’s Watters’ World?

“That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen."

Watch the full segment above.