Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, an outspoken critic of the Obama administration during recent anti-police riots, slammed Attorney General Eric Holder in an appearance before Congress. 

Clarke, testifying Thursday at the Senate confirmation hearing for Holder's replacement Loretta Lynch, accused Holder of fostering an environment of hostility toward police and law enforcement.

“The incendiary rhetoric used by Eric Holder created the pathway for a false narrative that then became the rallying cry for cop-haters across America. It sparked unjustified hatred towards America’s law enforcement agencies and its officers," said Clarke.

He called on Lynch to work toward mending the "frayed relationship" between the Justice Department and local police departments.

Clarke also emphatically rejected allegations that young black men are "systematically targeted" by police officers in America.

"That claim is patently false. And I reject out of hand the mere suggestion of it. If I'm wrong, then someone needs to show me the evidence," said Clarke.

Watch Clarke's statement below:

On "Hannity" last night, Clarke joined Sharyl Attkisson and Catherine Engelbrecht, both of whom have criticized the Justice Department in recent years and also testified before the committee.

Engelbrecht, founder of "True the Vote," testified about numerous audits and inquiries from federal agencies related to the IRS targeting scandal. 

Attkisson has alleged that the federal government hacked into her computer while she attempted to report on certain scandals. 

Watch the discussion below: