A California mountain town is building the nation’s largest wounded warrior center with no help from the federal government.

The 28,000-square-foot facility will include physical therapy, mental therapy, on-site college, job training and internships, plus outdoor activities like skiing on the mountains.

Nonprofit group Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra is the organization behind the National Wounded Warrior Center. Kathy Copeland, executive director of Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra, has been welcoming wounded warriors to Mammoth for nearly a decade.

“We know that we can work our magic here, and the mountains are healing, the community is warm and welcoming,” Copeland said. “We know we change lives, we make a difference.”

Copeland said that the facility will be a place for men and women to reboot their lives after returning from war.

The National Wounded Warrior Center is being built solely with private funding. If you’d like to help, visit woundedwarriorsmammoth.org.