Charles Payne knows how to get Judge Napolitano fired up... 

Case in point: tell him that in his home state of New Jersey police stopped two teens while they were offering neighbors their snow-shoveling services. 

Many communities, like Bound Brook, New Jersey, have laws against unlicensed solicitors.

The local police said the 18-year-olds were not supposed to be out during a state of emergency.

The teens were not arrested or issued a ticket. The police chief reportedly said the law against unlicensed door-to-door solicitors was enacted to protect people, especially the elderly, from scammers.

Payne asked Judge Napolitano how this situation could have occurred.

He said the Supreme Court has ruled that people can go door-to-door selling things or handing out religious or political literature unless the homeowner has a "no solicitation" sign.

"The law was wrong and if it had been challenged, they would have lost," he said, adding that the kids were doing something "as American as apple pie."

Napolitano praised the cop for not taking any action against the teens, saying the officer was just doing his job. 

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