A New Hampshire father shared his incredible story about protecting his family from an escaped prisoner this morning on "Fox and Friends." 

Mark Chetwynd told Steve Doocy that he was building a snow castle with his daughter outside of their home Saturday when he heard police activity in the woods. 

"We heard the sirens and we just assumed they were pulling somebody over or going to an accident because it had just snowed," Chetwynd said. "I could see through the woods that they had stopped. I just heard a lot of yelling and we weren't sure what was going on."

He explained that he sent his daughter into the house and that he was looking out on his front porch when he noticed a man in an orange jumpsuit approaching.

Chetwynd said that he grabbed the closest thing he could find to protect his family, an aluminum t-ball bat. 

The prisoner quickly made his way to Chetwynd's truck, so Chetwynd jammed the bat in the door, so that he couldn't close it fully.

An officer quickly arrived and tased the suspect, but he got up and that's when Chetwynd jumped into action.   

"I was closest to him and took a couple of swings at him in the hip area," he recalled.

Chetwynd noted that a second officer arrived and was able to successfully apprehend him. 

The prisoner, who had escaped from an area hospital during x-rays, is now facing new charges. 

Watch the full interview above.