Earlier this week, Greg Gutfeld took on Marilyn Manson’s “risk-free rebellion” of mocking Christians, then saying that the murdered Charlie Hebdo editors may have asked for it.

Today, Manson tweeted, “I'm so sad that the "racist"‪@greggutfeld wasn't afraid what would happen when he opened his [****ing] mouth. God bless you.”

Manson followed up with: “Have at it kids. Whatever you do, make sure it’s biblical.”

Gutfeld remarked, “So, when this pale-faced pop-tart realizes he has no argument, he tweets, ‘racist.’ Worse, when he can't fight his battles, he asks his fans - all presumably still sleeping under Pokémon sheets - to do it for him.”

He quipped, “I'll never be able to shop at Spencer’s Gifts again for faux leather wrist bands.”

“But here's the real point: he asked that his followers make their attack on me ‘biblical.’ So, demanding your rabid followers exact retribution for an insult, a blasphemy... doesn’t that sound oddly familiar?” Gutfeld asked.

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