Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) today slammed Code Pink protesters, who swarmed Henry Kissinger at a hearing, calling for his arrest “for war crimes.”

McCain called the protesters disgraceful, outrageous and despicable.

“You’re gonna have to shut up or I’m gonna have you arrested,” he told them. “Get out of here, you low-life scum."

McCain was on “Your World” today, where he told Neil Cavuto that the protesters were physically threatening Kissinger.

“This is a 91-year-old man who, by the way, is recovering from a broken shoulder who, by the way, has served his nation in my view incredibly honorably over many, many years, going all the way back to World War II, and they treat him this way?” he asked.

McCain said this was not acceptable, and he has asked for a full investigation.

As for what he said, McCain told Cavuto that he has no regrets about his words, calling the ordeal “terribly upsetting.”

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