Donald Trump was on “The Factor” tonight to spar with Bill O’Reilly about his “deceptive” promo.

Earlier this week, Bill O’Reilly ran a promo for his show, where he said, “Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Chris Christie all might run for president on the Republican side. Talk about a reality show!”

Palin didn’t like the promo, and Trump joined in, tweeting:

Trump said he didn’t see anything about himself on the show, calling it “deceptive advertising.” But O’Reilly countered, explaining that Trump and Palin were mentioned in his Talking Points Memo at the beginning of the show.

The two men agreed that a presidential run that included Palin, Christie and Trump would make for a great reality show, with Trump touting the success of “The Apprentice” and the Miss Universe competition.

“Don’t be a pinhead, don’t tweet. You don’t need to tweet,” O’Reilly told him.

Watch the segment above.