has pulled their Super Bowl ad featuring an adorable puppy after animal rights groups slammed the company.

The controversial ad - which is a spoof of Budweiser's famous Super Bowl commercial that featured a Clydesdale horse making a long journey home - debuted on the Internet yesterday morning.

Within hours, negative feedback had poured in and GoDaddy announced that the ad would not air during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

In the ad, Buddy, a golden retriever puppy, gets bounced out of his owner's truck. The little pooch must make the arduous journey back to his owner. He finally arrives, only to be told that he has been sold on the Internet, with the help of

Animals rights groups and activists immediately went after the ad, saying it makes fun of puppy mills, something that's no laughing matter. A petition received more than 42,000 supporters in mere hours.

GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving confirmed in a tweet yesterday that the ad will not air Sunday.

Watch the clip from "Fox and Friends" above and see the controversial ad below.