One California family got a pretty alarming surprise when they found black, foul-smelling water coming from their faucets. 

Diane Morita, of Gardena, Calif., posted a video to YouTube,showing the sludgy sediment.

The video also shows the discolored water in her toilet as she flushed it. 

KTLA reported:

“It’s disgusting,” Morita said of the dark liquid. “It looks like there’s charcoal in the water.”

She added that even when the water was clear, still had a strange odor.

“I don’t think anyone would drink this water,” she said, holding up a jar of the liquid.

Morita expressed concern over the water’s impact on her family’s health.

“We have one dog with cancer … one of my daughters has skin issues,” she said.

A representative from the Golden State Water Company that services Morita's area said that the water is safe to use and that the extreme discoloration was an "isolated incident."