Shepard Smith reported today that the suspect in the case of a Georgia couple who went missing is now facing murder charges for their deaths.  

Authorities announced that 28-year-old Ronnie "Jay" Towns is facing murder charges for the deaths of Elrey "Bud" Runion, 69, and his wife June, 66.

Smith said that police found their bodies yesterday with gunshot wounds to the heads near their SUV, which was found in a shallow pond in Telfair County.

The couple disappeared Thursday after going to buy a car from Towns after he responded to their Craigslist ad claiming to have a car similar to the 1966 Ford Mustang they had been searching for. 

Towns, who turned himself into police yesterday, is also facing charges of giving false statements to authorities and criminal attempt to commit theft by deception. 

Criminal defense attorney Drew Findling weighed in on the case today during "Shepard Smith Reporting" explaining that prosecution shouldn't be difficult. 

"I think that props [should be given] to the way this has been handled from the beginning," Findling said.  If you noticed they didn't do the whole premature let's just charge you with murder and get a whole bunch of publicity. They waited to get positive identification of the victims. They probably had a long interrogation of this gentleman." 

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