Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) called on Saudi Arabia to “step up” in helping the United States fight against terrorist groups like ISIS.

In the wake of King Abdullah’s death, President Obama arrived in Riyadh today to pay his respects and to meet with Abdullah’s successor, King Salman.

Paul said on “America’s Newsroom” that he hopes President Obama delivers a message that the kingdom should be helping the U.S. against ISIS, not working against us.

He called for Saudi ground forces to be deployed against ISIS, but questioned the true alliances of the Saudi government.

Paul said that weapons sent to Syrian rebels by Saudi Arabia and Qatar have ended up in the hands of ISIS.

“Saudi Arabia needs to be working against radical Islam. They need to quit funding radical Islamic schools in our country and around the world,” said Paul.

Paul said the United States is now fighting against its own weapons, and others provided by our allies, in Syria and Iraq.

Paul then shared some thoughts on the 2016 Republican presidential field, but reiterated that he wants to communicate a “unique message” through the spring before making any official announcements.

He said he will only run if he believes his message is resonating and that he has a legitimate chance to win.

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