Gary Sinise has sounded off on Howard Dean’s remarks that “American Sniper” viewers are “people who are very angry.”

Dean, who has not seen the film, also speculated that there is probably a great intersection between the tea party and people who have seen the film.

Sinise asked: what the hell are you talking about?

He said in a statement, “Do you also suggest that everyone at Warner Brothers is angry because they released the film? That Clint Eastwood, Jason Hall, Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller and the rest of the cast and crew are angry because they made the film? Chris Kyle's story deserved to be told.”

According to Deadline Hollywood, 43 percent of “American Sniper” viewers are women and 37 percent are under the age of 25.

Watch the clip above.

UPDATE: Howard Dean apologized to veterans Tuesday night after the backlash against his comments toward "American Sniper."

Dean, however, said he makes no apology for his statements when it comes to the "right-wing nut jobs."

"I apologize to the veterans," Dean said on MSNBC. 

"I haven't seen the movie and I think it was wrong. I talked to a lot of people about it. I make no apologies to the thousands of right-wing nut jobs who have been Twitter-ing me with nasty language. But I do apologize to the veterans. We owe them a lot and I think this movie was much more nuanced than I thought."