Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) was on “The Kelly File” tonight following his testimony about terrorism at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.

Keane said there is no comprehensive strategy to defeat radical Islam, and he said U.S. policies have failed.

“Radical Islam has increased four-fold in five years,” Keane told Megyn Kelly.

Keane discussed intercepted messages from al Qaeda in Iraq to al Qaeda in Pakistan in 2008. He told Kelly that they said, “This war is over, we have lost.” But a week after the last troops left Iraq in 2011, Keane said that the first bombs began to go off in Baghdad.

“This administration has been paralyzed by the fear of adverse consequences in the Middle East driven by the realities of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Keane told Kelly.

Watch Keane's interview with Kelly above. Below, check out his full testimony.