We heard from Bret Baier this morning, live from Iowa following this weekend's Iowa Freedom Summit. 

More than 20 prominent conservatives took the stage this weekend in Des Moines. Many of them are seriously considering a run for president. 

The big development in the last 24 hours has been New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announcing that he's launching a political action committee that will allow him to raise money for a possible White House bid. 

In his speech, Christie emphasized his pro-life stance to the Iowa crowd and Baier said Christie was "well received" overall. 

So who won the weekend? 

Baier said, according to the reaction there, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) "blew it out of the water" in his address. Baier said Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker also received praise for his speech. 

Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush were not at the event, with Bush citing a scheduling conflict. 

Tonight, Bret will take a look at what the mood is on the ground one year away from the Iowa caucuses and he'll have analysis from key primary states of New Hampshire and South Carolina.

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To watch the Freedom Summit speeches, check out the Des Moines Register.