Two California firefighter-paramedics are being credited with saving a man's life after reviving him 30,000 feet in the air.

Alex Van and Donovan George, of the Orange County Fire Authority, were flying with their canine partners, Ollie and Winnie, on United Flight 333 from southern California to Houston for a training seminar when an elderly man went into cardiac arrest.

Van said on "Fox and Friends" this morning that he heard a commotion while he was in the restroom. When he emerged, he saw a man standing who was clearly in distress.

Van noticed that the man was pale, cool to the touch and sweating profusely.

"And then he just collapsed in my arms," Van said. "Right in my arms."

He checked the man for a pulse. When he did not find one, he immediately began administering CPR.

Van then asked the flight crew for the advanced medical kit, which contained oxygen and a defibrillator.

George said that he noticed Van and and the man on the ground in the back of the aircraft, so he gave the dogs a down-stay command and went to help.

"After I got a pulse back, we still hooked him up to the external defibrillator," Van explained. "That's when Donovan came back, and Donovan was the one that actually started the IV."

George said that they were able to get the man's vital signs stabilized and the flight was diverted to Phoenix.

"We were able to get some information so he could call his wife when he was on the way to the hospital, but I haven't gotten any follow-up as to how he's doing now," George said. "I just know that when he left our care, he was in a lot better condition than when we found him first."

Steve Doocy revealed that Van and George will receive a Lifesaving Award at the Orange County Fire Authority "Best and the Bravest" ceremony later this year.

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