Ever wonder how the footballs used in the NFL Super Bowl are made? Well, Fox News correspondent Garrett Tenney went behind the scenes to see how each ball is handcrafted. 

Tenney reported that every NFL football begins it's journey in the Horween Leather Company's factory in Chicago where "the leather is tanned and pounded" for texture.

He said that the leather is shipped to the Wilson's Sporting Goods football factory in Ada, Ohio, where every Super Bowl football since 1941 has been made.

"We wonder each and every time that ball hits the field, was that one that I laced? Did I do that ball?" Sue Nichols, an employee at the factory for Wilson's Sporting Goods, said. "We just hope that the players and the quarterback and so forth, that they take as much pride in playing with it as we take in making it."

More than 3,000 footballs are hand made each day at the factory. 

Watch the video above to learn more.